In conclusion, Karin is not only a wife and mother but also an intuitive artist.
Karin was raised in an artistic family. It is therefore not surprising that she developed all kinds of artistic expressions at a young age.

Fashion design was her passion which grew into a serious business.
After that she committed herself to interior styling and decorating, fascinated by the beauty and shapes of the living environment.
Her passion for art came at a later age.

Karin is an autodidact. She rather calls herself someone who wants to capture the fascination for life to the fullest in all its facets.
An artist is indeed fed, inspired and motivated through life. Karin makes art without borders where inspiration, capacity to create, shape and the free expression of color in art the base is for her work.

Art plucked from life: "The Art of Intuition."

Karin was nominated for the "Palm Art Award 2013 and 2014" of Art Domain from Leipzig, Germany.

During the opening of the exhibition "Variations" in Bologna, Italy, Karin received the "Premio Bertelli Award" from Trevisan International Art for her work.

In November 2013 Karin participated the International Exhibition "Variations" at Galeria de M'Archi in Bologna, Italy.
Karin is represented Internationaly by Trevisan International Art (TIA).